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Motorcycle Locks
Street Cuffs
Admit it. The world is getting smarter - including thieves. FIght back with Street Cuffs. WIthout a fixed anchor point for leverage and virtually no space for jacks, there just isn't an easy way to defeat these cuffs.

All Cuff Locks
  • Compact and lightweight - easily fit in cargo areas
  • 3" cuffs fit fork legs or frames; can be secured to sign posts, parking meters or another bike
  • Push button keyless locking convenience
  • Heat treated patented lock core is virtually pick proof
  • Pivoting action combined 22" length provides lockdown versatility

8290DPS - Street Cuff
  • Hardened, chrome plated steel resists cutting or prying
  • Folds in half for convenient storage
  • $70.34 - Call For Discounts
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Python Adjustable Cable Lock
Thieves will think twice before messing with these snake coils. The Python adjustable locking cable secures anything within its grasp. It is the world's first fully adjustable locking cable that is always the right length for your application.
  • Patented locking mechanism holds cable secure at any position for greater security
  • 6' to 30' interchangeable cables provides enough versatility for any application
  • Cut resistant 3/8' braided steel cable
  • Weather Tough aluminum alloy lock, cylinder shutter and vinyl coated cable.
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6ft Cable & Lock

Quantum Cables
Thieves will take the path of least resistance. Many times all you need is a tough cable lock. Or maybe you want to further enhance your Cuff or U-lock security. Whatever your needs are there's a Quantum cable lock for you. Quantum braided steel cables are tough and protective.

8157DPS - Quantum 15"
  • 6' x 9/16" braided steel cable resists cutting and sawing
  • 7-pin anti-drill tubular lock cylinder

8156DPS - Quantum 20"
  • 5' x 3/4" braided steel cable resists cutting and sawing
  • High security cable is vinyl coated to prevent scratches
  • Looped (1) cable end for increased versatility
  • Integrated mini U-lock for enhanced security
  • 7-pin anti-drill tubular lock cylinder

8218DPS - Quantum Armored 30"
  • Hardened steel sleeve resists cutting and sawing - 1-3/6" OD
  • 6' vinyl coated steel braided cable
  • 7-pin anti-drill tubular lock cylinder
  • Vinyl coating prevents scratches
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Street Links
These die-hard chains are constructed of specialty hardened steel - reinforced with boron and titanium. Hexagonal links provide over 30,000 lbs of cut strength. Weather-Tough shrouded padlock is equally tough. It's enough to make any thief turn and run.

  • Hardened steel chain is reinforced with boron and titanium
  • Hexagonal shape increases the cross section - has 30,00 lbs cut strength
  • Black nylon sleeve protects equipment
  • Pro Series shrouded lock protects the boron reinforced shackle
  • Available in 4' or 5' 6" lengths
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4' Length
5' 6" Length

Disc Lock
Joy riding on your bike should be an exclusive thrill for you - not an opportunistic thief. Disc brake locks prevent ride or roll away thefts. Heavy duty construction and push button locking convenience makes disc brake locks a strong theft deterrent.

8303DPS & 8304DPS - Disc Brake Locks
  • Prevent roll-away theft
  • Easy push button locking system with a high security tubular lock
  • Bright yellow to help remind you to remove it before riding

8305DPS - Chrome Disc Brake Lock
  • Sleek circular chrome plated disk brake lock prevents roll-away theft
  • 1" throat with a 3/16" shackle
  • Easy push button locking system with a high security tubular lock
  • Light guide key for easier nighttime use
  • Carrying case included
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2" throat with 1/4" shackle
3" throat with 3/8" shackle
1" throat with 3/16" shackle
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